Brazilian E-Commerce and Payouts in 2021



More digital, flexible, and mobile. That’s the world we live in. Without physical borders and with an accelerated digitization, Brazil becomes a heavyweight e-commerce contender in regional and global markets. In this landscape, the evolution of payment methods play a big role and help more people to fast customer journey and companies to expand their presence in this country.

Digital banks, e-wallets and now Pix are the new face of Brazilian financial services, accelerated by the digitization during the pandemic that opened a lot of opportunities, and also changed how the public consume products and services over the internet.

With the growth of online activity, another subject comes to the table: Payouts, payments made by companies to non-employees for services provided. The Whitepaper includes an analysis of market size, opportunities, and trends for it.

Download the material and understand the current status of Brazilian markets and how your company can benefit from it.

Brazilian E-Commerce and Payouts in 2021

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