The 7 Habits of Successful "New" Payments Leaders

SafeCharge; Edgar, Dunn & Company


For many online and omni-channel retailers, payments leaders were tasked with reducing costs -- now the focus is shifting to use payments as a vehicle to drive strategic growth. This paper from SafeCharge and Edgar, Dunn & Company looks at seven characteristics 12 merchant payments leaders discussed in one-on-one interviews, beginning with using payments as a competitive advantage, how their organizational structures are evolving, and relationship-building strategies with payments partners. The role of A/B testing is discussed next, followed by the impact of payments on the customer experience and new approaches to key performance indicators. A brief look at payments leadership roles is provided, with perspective from Edgar, Dunn & Company and a brief overview of SafeCharge concluding the paper.

The 7 Habits of Successful 'New' Payments Leaders

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