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5 Fraud Prevention Strategies That Also Improve Customer Experiences

Join us on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 at 10:00 Seattle (18:00 Dublin / 19:00 Berlin / December 15 02:00 Singapore / 05:00 Melbourne)

  • Brady Harris, Director of Customer Analytics Solution Delivery -- Kount
  • Mike Gramz, Chief Value Delivery Officer, Co-Founder -- Maast by Synovus

As e-commerce fraud continues to rise, merchants must continually evolve their fraud protection strategy or risk losing good customers and revenue. At the end of the day, fraud prevention doesn’t just keep bad actors out. Wherever you’re preventing fraud, you’re also improving customer experiences — and we want to show you how. Join experts from Maast/Synovus and Kount as they share insider knowledge on how five essential fraud strategies also increase revenue and keep customers engaged with your brand.

Learning objectives:

  • After attending this webinar, the audience will have a better understanding of how fraud mitigation can improve the customer experience. The five essential fraud strategies will educate the audience on how to increase their revenue, keep their customers engaged with their brand, and they will take away valuable information that assists in continuous evolvement.
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Customer Journey Orchestration: Does it Actually Matter?

Join us on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 10:00 Seattle (18:00 Dublin / 19:00 Berlin / January 26 02:00 Singapore / 05:00 Melbourne)

  • Rebekah Moody, Senior Director Product Marketing and Strategy -- Darwinium
  • Michael Brooks, Lead Data Scientist -- Darwinium

Journey Orchestration has become a "buzz-term" in fraud prevention, but what does it actually mean and why does it matter? In this webinar we'll take a look at some of the key fraud use cases, and unpick how viewing these via the lens of customer journey orchestration, rather than a point-in-time risk assessment, can make a huge difference to revenue and customer experience.

Learning objectives:

  • Have a new understanding of some common fraud threats, and why they have become harder to tackle
  • Be able to articulate why understanding user behavior across an entire digital session, rather than at a moment-in-time, is important
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How To Increase Approval Rate by Merchant and Issuer Collaboration

Join us on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 13:00 Dublin (05:00 Seattle / 14:00 Berlin / 21:00 Singapore / January 26 00:00 Melbourne)

  • Chanan Lavi, CEO and Co-Founder -- Kipp

Kipp Connect platform enables merchants and issuers to collaborate together and WIN more transactions. All it takes to save declined transactions is some carefully coordinated cooperation and communication that lets everyone win – merchants, issuers, and … customers.

Merchants as the party with a lot more direct, real-time contact with consumers “know” more than the issuer does. Merchants can contribute data and share the cost of risk so issuers will get comfortable with the potential risk they perceive.

Learning objectives:

  • After attending the webinar, you could finally understand why merchants and issuers have to collaborate in order to increase their revenue and maintain their customer happy.
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Fighting Refund Fraud With Biometric Security

Join us on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 09:00 Seattle (17:00 Dublin / 18:00 Berlin / February 9 01:00 Singapore / 04:00 Melbourne)

  • Danny Ross, Senior Fraud & Biometrics Specialist -- Nuance Communications

It's that special time of year again—the time when retailers are bombarded with a wave of returns and refund requests from holiday gifts gone awry. But how do you know whether a return is legitimate, or part of an organized fraud ring designed to siphon thousands of dollars from your business? How do you know that package "lost in the mail" isn't the sixth incident of its kind in the past 48 hours? How do you know the customer returning a "damaged" device hasn't removed a key component and sold it online?

Without the proper tools, it can be nearly impossible to identify fraud at scale and prevent losses. That's where biometrics come into play. Intelligent fraud detection solutions powered by biometrics give your fraud team the ability to spot patterns across engagements and stop fraud at the source, whether it happens in the contact center with a live agent, in your IVR, or through digital messaging. Not only that, but voice and conversational biometrics give you the intelligence required to investigate specific cases and even successfully prosecute criminals.

Join our webinar with Danny Ross, Senior Fraud & Biometrics Specialist from Nuance Communications, to learn how you can stop reacting to return fraud and start taking the fight to the fraudster.

Learning objectives:

  • After attending this webinar people should learn how they can stop reacting to return fraud and start taking the fight to the fraudster.
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