Fraud & Risk

What POCs Are Not Telling You About Real Performance Results

Alex Zeltcer --, Tal Yeshanov -- Plastiq, Ronald Praetsch --, and Jarrod Price -- InComm Payments


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Merchants are always after the best solution for their fraud prevention needs, but it’s hard to know whether a new solution will actually be right in practical, ongoing terms. Enter POCs. A real-life try-out of the solution can give a clear indication of its performance. Right? Not always.

Our webinar will discuss 3 specific use cases that will help merchants understand the right way to conduct a POC for a fraud prevention platform.

In this webinar, we will address the following scenarios and how to best counter their negative impact on a POC:

  1. The challenge of trusting the accuracy of the POC's end result when another system (i.e., your existing one) is in place and affects the results dramatically.
  2. An existing fraud prevention system that guarantees transactions and is liable for them. The solution which is being vetted through the POC is not.
  3. For a limited point in time, you can have professionals conducting the POC side by side with your system. While this approach will significantly improve overall performance, in reality, it will be impossible to replicate.