Fraud & Risk

Travel and Hospitality in the Post COVID-Era

Anthony Mannino -- Ekata; Thomas Helldorff - Worldpay


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Since the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global economy and affected online shoppers’ behaviours in ways that are creating new patterns. The travel and hospitality industry is often held as an exemplary model for these changes.

Join Anthony Mannino, Director of Partnership, EMEA, of Ekata and Thomas Helldorff, VP Airlines & Travel of Worldpay on 2 February at 16:00pm Central European Time to learn more about what patterns Ekata is seeing for the travel industry and how to ensure you continue to engage and satisfy your best customers while protecting your business from fraud in the post covid time.

Learning Objectives:

  • Best practices for creating frictionless customer experiences and solutions to defend against fraud
  • The impact of Covid-19 on consumers’ online booking behaviours and looking ahead to post Covid-era
  • Why identity verification is important to the process