Fraud & Risk

The Fraud Team And The Tool

Marton Hajagos -- SEON


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We have met with many cases where analysts not only doubt themselves in their decision but also discouraged to take information into account that may not be considered as useful – not to mention the rise of Machine Learning in fraud prevention. Is our work that we do manually truly outdated?

Through examples we will re-explore the tools that we have at our expense and discuss how we can effectively use them in relation, from articulating sentences, to defining use cases and relying on AI.

Learning Objectives:

  • To find or regain the interest in the beauty of fighting fraud – making decisions that would be the key to stop the malicious activity yet keeping the mind open to changes.
  • Utilising every aspect of the tool that are available and considering ways that we may have disregarded before and still could be useful, ultimately a boost for the year 2022 and to remain on the top of defense against harmful users.