PINless Debit Routing - The New Era of Merchant Choice

MRC; CMSPI; Google; Microsoft; Sony


Starting July 2023, merchants will have a choice of where to route US Debit cards for CNP transactions. Debit transactions represent roughly 50% of US eCommerce volume and this change will likely compel the larger card networks to offer competitive pricing that could benefit merchants and consumers.

Join experts from CMSPI, Sony, Microsoft, Google, and MRC for a deep-dive into what this means for merchants; why we have been advocating for updates to PINless routing rules; and predictions on the impact this will have on global eCommerce.

Webinar highlights:

  • The new routing rules for PINless transactions explained
  • Key benefits and cost savings for merchants
  • What merchants need to be doing to prepare
  • Q&A with Sony and Microsoft payments execs
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