Fraud & Risk

Cyber Crisis Management Preparation and Execution with Razer & Blackpanda

LiMeng Lee -- Razer; Gene Yu -- Blackpanda


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Join LiMeng Lee, Chief Strategy Officer at Razer and MRC APAC Advisory Board Member, and Gene Yu, CEO of Blackpanda (a cyber crisis management firm that offers top-tier cyber-attack containment and investigative services in the event of a data breach) as they demonstrate the importance of having a cybercrime crisis management or incident response plan in place before the incident or event occurs. 
LiMeng and Gene will highlight the necessary steps which should be undertaken to set up your incident response strategy, they will also highlight the immediate activities which should take place in the wake of an incident occurring. 

Learning Objectives:

The viewer, upon listening to the webinar, will have a basic understanding of the importance of implementing the prevention plans outlined, and were recruiting a third-party consulting company to assist in setting these plans up can help.