Cracking Open the Payments Orchestration Layer

Rene Pelegero -- Retail Payments Global Consulting Group


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‘Payments orchestration’ emerged as a fintech buzzword in 2019. The market has run with the term to generate funding and sales. However, there remains a lack of consensus on what payments orchestration is and the role it plays in providing end-to-end processing connectivity.

Further complicating matters, each merchant has unique requirements to support their business model, products, and customers. To address this complexity, this white paper reviews requirements, architecture, and delivery estimates for 3 unique merchant use cases.

This whitepaper clarifies the ambiguity around the Payments Orchestration Layer definition and helps readers resolve the buy vs. build conundrum by identifying the requirements to achieve a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and providing effort estimates to achieve MVP.

Learning Objectives:

1. ID most important components of a payments orchestration layer
2. ID decision points for a build vs buy decision