Fraud & Risk

Chargeback Prevention Masterclass

Mark Standfield, Joe Libby, and Domenic Cirone -- Midigator


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There are dozens of different tools designed to prevent chargebacks. In theory, multiple options should make it easier than ever to keep risk in check. But sometimes, new additions just add to the noise of an already complicated situation.

To help remove the complexities, the Midigator team will give a simplified, easy-to-understand explanation of each of the different tools on the market today.

  • Identity verification (AVS, 3D Secure, card security code)
  • Prevention alerts (Ethoca alerts, Verifi CDRN)
  • Order validation (Visa Order Insight, Mastercard Consumer Clarity)
  • Acquirer refunds (Visa RDR, Mastercard Collaboration)

With a detailed understanding of the pros and cons of each technique, you’ll be able to create a strategy that is just right for your business.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how each of the different prevention solutions work
  • Consider pros and cons of each technique
  • Understand most relevant KPIs
  • Review cases studies for ROI