Fraud & Risk

Balancing Fraud Management With Positive Customer Experience

Namrata Jolly -- Callsign, Steve Harbick -- Capital A (AirAsia) Group, and Aurelie Saada -- Microsoft


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For many merchant businesses, customers may be nothing more IP addresses and tokenized PAN. The trouble is, that these details can be faked, stolen, or spoofed. And consequently, many legitimate payments attempts are incorrectly labeled as fraudulent. 

This is more than just an inconvenience. It causes customers to be unable to access the goods they want, and merchants lose out on a sale. Aligning fraud prevention is a challenge, but one we must tackle. 

Join us to gain insights on the importance of balancing fraud management with positive customer experience and how this can be successfully implemented.

Learning Objectives:

  1. How you can protect your business without adding friction to your wider customer base
  2. Proactive use of data and how to improve customer journeys
  3. What merchants should consider in their future technology roadmap