Understanding A2A and the Shifting Payments Landscape

Siamac Rezaiezadeh -- GoCardless; Lily Krakowsky -- GoCardless


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Driven by investments in new and existing payment rails, open banking, and Gen Z consumers demonstrating a clear preference for safer, faster payment methods, account-to-account (A2A) payments have the potential to supersede card payments as consumers’ and businesses’ preferred payment method. But what exactly are A2A payments, what benefits do they offer organizations, and why are they on the rise now?

Join GoCardless as we cover: What account-to-account payments are, the pain points they address for your business, how they work, and why your organization needs to incorporate them into your payment strategy. We’ll also be discussing the latest global market trends and shift in payment preferences, the social trends and consumer behaviour that is driving change - including the death of cards - and the core value of the A2A ecosystem.