How the UK's #1 mobile network enhanced its approval rate by 10% with zero fraud liability

Paddy Beagan -- Vesta


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As digital payments continue to increase in popularity, businesses across the globe are looking for ways to increase approvals of these transactions while preventing fraud and delivering a seamless payment experience for their customers.

EE, the largest mobile network in the UK, understands how difficult it is to strike the perfect balance between these three key pillars of e-commerce, so they selected Vesta to manage their card-not-present top-up services. Thanks to Vesta's advanced approval enhancement and fraud prevention technology, EE increased its card not present approval rate by over 10% with zero fraud liability.

Vesta also worked within the 3D Secure Framework with 2-Factor Authentication to deploy a proprietary orchestration layer that reduced 3D Secure challenges by 30% while ensuring a frictionless payment experience for EE's customers.