Fraud & Risk

Exploring the Paladin Vendor Reports

Jamon Whitehead -- Paladin Group; Rosemary O'Neill -- NuData Security; Motie Bring -- Nuvei


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Selecting a fraud or payment solution provider is one of the most important decisions an online merchant can make. Paladin Group has been providing annual vendor reports to equip merchants with the information they need to make smart decisions regarding their payment and risk strategies.

This webinar walks users through the Fraud Prevention and Payment Systems Vendor Reports, focusing on features and highlights as well as helping users narrow down potential providers for requests for proposal (RFPs) and/or integration and augmentation of an existing technology stack. Joining the session are payment and fraud experts from Nuvei and NuData Security to provide their perspective on the reports and discuss how payments and fraud vendors utilize partnerships and orchestration.

Slides and presenters' notes from this webinar are available here.