Fraud & Risk

Leveraging the Five Pillars of Accertify's Digital Identity to Stop Account Takeovers

Andrew Mortland and Stuart Mann -- Accertify


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During the unprecedented times brought on by the novel coronavirus, many consumers have changed their online habits, leaving some accounts like travel loyalty programs dormant while increasingly purchasing other products like groceries through websites and apps. Fraudsters have also changed their focus and are launching more sophisticated attacks in an attempt to leverage the value in victims' accounts.

This Solution Spotlight webinar from Accertify examines types of data available on the dark web and how this data is then used to target victims through phishing and account takeovers. Accertify then presents an overview of their Digital Identity solution and looks at five pillars of identity which can help companies secure accounts while providing a low-friction experience for good customers. The broadcast closes with four use cases to help illustrate common attack vectors and what can be done to prevent them.

Slides and presenters' notes from this webinar are available here.