Fraud & Risk

Accelerate Holiday Sales Using AI-Driven Fraud Prevention

Josh Johnston -- Kount; Jonathan Cornwell and Stephanie Naumann -- New Balance; Louis Columbus -- Forbes


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The busy Q4 shopping season is a perfect time for companies to attract both repeat and new business. If companies are not careful, fraudsters can disrupt the festivities and wreak havoc -- but models or rules which are too strict can prevent good customers from successfully transacting.

This webinar looks at how online traffic differs in Q4, what can go wrong for eCommerce companies, and eight ways businesses can set themselves on a path to success. Approaches to approve more orders with less manual review are discussed next, along with how fraud prevention has evolved and how machine learning coupled with artificial intelligence can lead to both a better customer experience and a stronger bottom line. A Q&A session concludes the broadcast.

Slides from this webinar are available here.