Fraud & Risk

Will EMV 3DS Really Get Me More Approvals? How to Increase Revenue with the New 3DS Protocol

Ryan Wilk -- NuData Security; Patrick Kelly and Dave Senci -- Mastercard


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The new EMV 3DS protocol, also known as 3D Secure 2.0, represents a complete overhaul of the original 3D Secure. In this webinar, NuData Security and Mastercard provide a brief look at the old 3DS protocol and why it did not meet the needs of the evolving eCommerce ecosystem. The focus quickly shifts to EMV 3DS and its benefits, especially the large number of new data elements available for use and how these can help issuers determine the legitimacy of transactions. After briefly touching on risk-based authentication, a demonstration of two user experience scenarios is shared, followed by reasons why EMV 3DS will benefit merchants, issuers, and consumers alike. The webinar concludes with an extensive Q&A period.

Slides and presenters' notes from this webinar are available here.