Fraud & Risk

Beyond the Password: Reimagine the Customer Experience

Ryan Wilk -- NuData Security


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NuData Security takes an in-depth look at why account-based fraud is so risky and what eCommerce companies can do about it. Topics covered include:

  • Fraudsters constantly changing vectors and how to spot them.
  • Why our knee-jerk reactions affect the entire ecosystem.
  • Practical tips to harvest your data right now for risk and validity.
  • How analyzing patterns in your data can lead to improvements in customer experience, and alleviate review fatigue.
  • What data and patterns to look for -- and not just at the transaction/checkout.
  • How pattern recognition improves authentication and decreases declines and chargebacks.
  • The easiest ways to verify good users -- when you know what to look for.
Slides from this webinar are available here.