2022 Southeast Asia Digital Commerce Insights

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How Southeast Asia Buys and Pays 2022

While the region’s recovery after a turbulent period is well underway, businesses now find themselves in a more complex environment. How nimble and flexible is your business in adopting new payments to stay on top of market shifts and fraud risks? See how you compare.


People in SEA will use mobile wallets by 2026


Growth in SEA domestic payments values from 2021 to 2026


SEA internet users were victims of fraud in 2021

Navigating Through Digital Commerce in Southeast Asia

Digital payments continue to create tremendous growth opportunities in Southeast Asia’s rapidly expanding digital economy. SEA’s digital economy is projected to pass the US$300 billion mark by 2026.

Get the detailed information on emerging opportunities and risks across Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam by downloading the IDC InfoBrief commissioned by 2C2P and Merchant Risk Council (MRC).

What Insights Will You Glean from the Report?

  • Updates on payment trends in Southeast Asia (mobile wallets, real-time payments, BNPL, CBDCs)
  • Breakdowns of payment data across 6 SEA markets (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • Emerging fraud threats and vulnerabilities in the region
  • Tips on creating value for your business

About 2C2P

2C2P is a leading payments platform connecting Southeast Asia with the rest of the world. Our payment solutions empower global enterprises to accept and make payments securely, and quickly through one point of integration.

2C2P’s full-suite solutions meet the needs of all sectors and are trusted by leading brands such as IKEA, Lazada, Thai Airways, Changi Airport Group, Minor Hotels, and many more.

About MRC

The MRC is a non-profit global membership organization connecting eCommerce fraud prevention and payments professionals through educational programs, online community groups, conferences, and networking events. Encompassing 600+ companies, including 400+ merchants, it provides education on fraud prevention, payments optimization, and risk management. The MRC launched in 2000 and continues to be at the forefront of industry evolution and the ongoing fight against eCommerce fraud.

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