Mastering the Subscription Economy: The 2022 Payments Playbook

dLocal, Microsoft Commerce


The subscription economy has shifted the way consumers buy goods and services. It has become increasingly relevant for the new gen of consumers who want to subscribe instead of purchasing.

Whether in the SaaS industry, streaming music or movies, monthly mobile services, newspapers, or clothing, companies built around recurring payments have achieved scale, market expansion, and flexibility for demanding consumers. 

But, how do recurring payments work in markets where payment frictions abound? In this presentation, readers will learn how to successfully implement subscription payments in Brazil, Mexico, Nigeria, and India, where local payment infrastructure gaps exist.

It will also cover topics like making the most of local cards and bank transfer options, tokenization options, subscription logic handling, the use of direct debit in select markets such as Argentina, and the use of alternative payment methods as a payment recovery mechanism.

Mastering the Subscription Economy: The 2022 Payments Playbook

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