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Security Secrets from the Metaverse

Arkose Labs


The internet is maturing into the "metaverse," and while the gaming industry has pioneered these new worlds, merchants in other industries are developing their metaverse visions and strategies or executing on their plans to build new social, shopping, and living experiences for consumers.

However, this means new attack vectors for bad actors. Where consumers go, attackers follow and not just any type of attackers, but the most experienced and successful "Master Fraudster" category of bad actors. Metaverse companies saw 80% more bot attacks and 40% more human attackers than other businesses in 2021.

This presentation from Arkose Labs Director of Solutions Engineering Mike Daley and a representative from a global merchant explores what threats merchants should be watching out for, and best practices for mitigating those threats.

Security Secrets from the Metaverse

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