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Meet FIDO – A New Approach to SCA

CardinalCommerce, Microsoft, Visa, Worldpay from FIS


It’s no surprise one of the newest and hottest developments in the digital payment landscape is FIDO authentication – especially in the EEA with PSD2 SCA.

FIDO is a standardized authentication protocol used to strongly authenticate a cardholder on their device, without relying on passwords or one-time passcodes, and for a new digital world with modern regulations, FIDO may be the answer.

FIDO can be used with EMV® 3-D Secure and Delegated Authentication to provide a secure, user-friendly way for the European payments industry to meet PSD2 SCA requirements. While several methods comply with SCA, FIDO is the only one that checks all the boxes: user convenience, PSD2 SCA compliance, security, scalability and so much more.

This presentation demonstrates how FIDO may offer better PSD2 SCA compliance, and how it may help more effectively optimize online payments for European merchants.

Meet FIDO – A New Approach to SCA

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