The True Impact of SCA on European Merchants

Toby McFarlane and Domingo Figueira, CMPSI


CMPSI, a global independent payments consultancy, provides insightful data on the impact of SCA, the challenges, and how to future-proof your own eCommerce payment platform. Toby McFarlane and Domingo Figueira walk through client data that showcases how the current rates for authentication challenges, failures, and soft declines are too high and negatively impacting on merchants. In general, challenges arise due to the industry mindset which is in “troubleshooting” mode instead of “optimization” mode. Many of the difficulties faced have been associated with supply chains, MIT, additional fees, and lack of exemption usage. However, Toby and Domingo delve into the ways to mitigate these challenges, which include a TRA strategy, and future-proofing your payment system so that “worst-case scenarios” are handled with ease.

The True Impact of SCA on European Merchants

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