International Card Schemes on the Impact of SCA

Christine Rivera, AMEX; Gavin Blagden, Visa; Marc Van Puyvelde, Mastercard


Key payments professionals from three international card schemes, including Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX detail SCA EMV 3DS rollout. Christine Rivera of AMEX discloses that while they are successfully meeting SCA compliance, due in large part to SafeKey (their 3DS software), they face challenges in lack of merchant-readiness. Christine discusses the importance of testing early on for merchants and ensuring they’re prepared for soft declines. Gavin Blagden of Visa also states their experience has been successful due to heightened monitoring activities. In order to assist merchants with adapting to SCA requirements, Visa developed a detailed checklist that makes the transition easier. Gavin expresses the importance of utilizing exemptions when applicable. Mastercard is maximizing testing for merchants by creating additional assessments. Marc Van Puyvelde adds that Mastercard is also preparing to launch a non-production platform for merchants so they can streamline their testing prior to going live.

International Card Schemes on the Impact of SCA

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