PSD2 SCA and the Travel and Hospitality Sector

Caroline Drolet -- Visa Europe


The Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) requirements of the Payment Services Directive, PSD2, have significant implications for merchants conducting business in Europe. This is particularly the case for travel and hospitality companies because of the unique nature of travel transactions and bookings.

This presentation reviews four SCA principles for the industry and payment flows where SCA applies, then delves into approaches for indirect bookings/indirect sales. A brief overview of the Secure Corporate Payment exemption is shared next, followed by tips and resources for merchants, travel agents, acquirers, and issuers. Appendices addressing one-leg out transactions and technical details of travel payment flows are also included.

Note that this presentation is also available as a webinar. To view the webinar, click here.

PSD2 SCA and the Travel and Hospitality Sector

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