Marketplaces Designing the Ultimate Payments Strategy

Yuval Ziv - Nuvei; Greg Toussaint - Edgar, Dunn & Company; Laurene Lecomte - Back Market; Antoine Déroche - Marakl; Mauro Stangalini - La Feltrinelli Internet Bookshop


Yuval Ziv of Nuvei, Greg Toussaint of Edgar, Dunn & Company, Laurene Lacomte of Back Market, and Mauro Stangalini of La Feltrinelli Internet Bookshop analyze the current state of the payments and marketplace industry, the many challenges faced by eCommerce businesses, best practices for optimizing payments, and how to best leverage those practices to ensure success. Specific topics addressed include navigating regulations such as PSD2, payments reconciliation, optimizing internal processes, and of course, navigating and defeating fraud.

Marketplaces: Designing the Ultimate Payments Strategy

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