2021 Presentations

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20/20 Vision: The Growing Need for Transaction Clarity and Digital Transformation

This session focuses on the importance of transparency and organization when presenting data to consumers, and how prioritizing thoughtful presentation can reduce friendly fraud, chargebacks, and improve customer relationships overall.

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Adoption of 3DS and PSD2 for a Subscription Business

Thomas Pappas of Insparx GmbH outlines their unique PSD2 strategy in the European Union, their experience with implementation of 3DS in other markets, and how they minimize decline rates and reduce payment friction in multiple markets.

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Account 2 Account Payments - A Global Revolution

Real-time, or account to account (A2A) payments are exploding in popularity as consumers continue to expect instant payments at lower cost. This session explores the implications of that transition, some of the challenges that are unique to real-time payments, and what the future might hold for A2A.

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Chargeback Trends During a Pandemic

This conversation between three payments experts from Booking.com explores the unique challenges faced by travel companies during the Covid-19 epidemic, with a particular focus on how chargeback trends changed, how Booking.com adapted to these new trends, and the methods employed to adjust to these changes.

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Build or Buy: Identifying the Right Fraud Prevention Approach for Your Business

Fraud prevention continues to be of critical importance as eCommerce growth accelerates, but determining the fraud solution that fits a company’s specific needs can be challenging. This conversation explores the advantages and disadvantages of building or purchasing a tailored fraud solution.

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