Fraud & Risk

Eliminate eGift Card Fraud and Grow Your Revenue

John Venglass -- Vesta; Karisse Hendrick -- Chargelytics


Electronic gift cards are a multi-billion dollar market which is growing at a brisk pace. Unfortunately for merchants, they are a lucrative product for fraudsters and are prone to have higher false positives than lower risk items or goods which are more difficult to resell.

This presentation from Vesta and Chargelytics looks at key opportunities and challenges associated with online gift cards, including unique fraud patterns. Vesta then includes information on their machine learning-based fraud solution designed to help companies more quickly and accurately determine the risk of gift card transactions. Several best practices and tips for mitigating gift card fraud round out the slides.

Note that this presentation is also available as a webinar. To view the webinar, click here.

Eliminate eGift Card Fraud and Grow Your Revenue

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