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CNP Fraud in Sneakers

Emilie Grunzweig, Abigail Singer, and Ephy Rinsky - Riskified


Specific sectors have their own unique fraud patterns -- a great case in point is the sneaker industry, which has a variety of specialty merchants and secondary marketplaces. In this presentation, Riskified shares a closer look at the sneaker industry, providing both an industry overview and key risk challenges which are specific to selling sneakers. General tips merchants across the eCommerce spectrum can use to combat fraud are included, featuring special sections on understanding reshippers and disputing chargebacks. The presentation concludes with tips and takeaways to help merchants reduce false positives, shorten manual review turnaround times, and approve more good orders.

Note that this presentation is also available as a webinar. To view the webinar, click here.

CNP Fraud in Sneakers

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