Paladin Payment Systems Vendor Report

The Merchant Risk Council is pleased to announce the availability of the updated Paladin Payment Systems Vendor Report, an unbiased resource to help merchants understand key details about payment solutions and solution providers. The Payment Systems Vendor Report includes an assessment of 36 solution providers and centers around four key challenges:

  1. The cost of payments
  2. The acceptance of alternative payments
  3. Security
  4. IT constraints

The report includes key facts and insights to help merchants select the solution provider who is right for their unique needs. All solution providers had the option to invite Retail Payments Global Consulting Group on site so RPGC could receive a thorough understanding of the company's products and services first-hand. Those solution providers who chose not to participate were evaluated based on publicly available information.

MRC members may download the report at no charge by signing in and viewing this page.

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Non-members may purchase a copy of the report for $99. Please click "Purchase Payment Systems Vendor Report" to visit the Paladin Group website and buy the Paladin 2022 Payment Systems Vendor Report. For any questions regarding Paladin or the Paladin Vendor Report purchase process, please contact the Paladin Group at:

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