MRC Releases 2015 Global Fraud Survey Results

Press Release

June 02, 2015

SEATTLE, WA -- The Merchant Risk Council (MRC), a not-for-profit, global forum for eCommerce fraud and payments professionals, released the comprehensive results of their 2015 Global Fraud Survey today.

The 2015 Global Fraud Survey was conducted in partnership with Edgar, Dunn, and Company, an international consultancy specializing in payments and e-business. The initial results were revealed exclusively at MRC's 2015 European Congress on 22 May, as a benefit to event attendees.

The results of this survey show that MRC merchants reported an average fraud rate of .53% on 2014 global sales, down from last year.

More Key Survey Findings:

  • eWallets have a much lower fraud rate then debit and credit cards. eWallet fraud rate was reported at .10% in comparison to credit cards with .46% and debit cards with .42%.
  • Many merchants are not tracking mobile channel fraud. However, of those that do, most report lower fraud then the online channel.
  • "Clean fraud" is the most common type of fraud. The other four most prominent types of fraud include: phishing, money laundering, account takeovers, and identity theft.
  • 85% of merchants are using CVN as their leading tool to detect webstore fraud and 82% of merchants are using negative lists.
  • More than 10% of respondents plan to implement four tools within the next 12 months: Device Fingerprinting, 3D Secure, email address verification and customer website visitor behavior analysis.
  • 72% of merchants do not outsource their fraud management functions.
  • More than 50% of chargebacks are disputed, and merchants are victorious in nearly 2/3 of cases.
With the vision of making eCommerce safe and profitable everywhere, the MRC's Global Fraud Survey is a benefit to its members providing insights on key trends, best practices and benchmarks, to enhance their understanding of fraud risk and to better conduct and structure operations. The MRC believes that the key to progressing eCommerce fraud prevention is information sharing, and the goal of the Global Fraud Survey is to do just that.

The 2015 Global Fraud Survey is only available to MRC members. For information on membership please visit the MRC website.