BioCatch and Rippleshot Selected as 2015 METAward Winners

Press Release

April 02, 2015

SEATTLE, WA -- On March 26, BioCatch and Rippleshot were voted the winners of MRC's 2015 METAwards. Both organizations have established themselves as innovative leaders within the eCommerce payments and fraud community.

BioCatch, winner of the Established Category, mesmerized the crowd with their product, Cognitive Biometrics. This powerful technology transparently authenticates users and detects threats in both web and mobile applications. It has the ability to analyze over 400 different behavioral parameters in order to differentiate between good customers and fraudsters.

The Start-up Category winner, Rippleshot, took home the title by introducing its technology that detects data card breaches faster so that issuers and retailers can react significantly earlier, so fewer cards are at risk. Issuers will be able to reduce fraud losses while minimally impacting lucrative consumer behavior. Similarly, retailers will be able to maintain their brand reputation.

"The METAwards recognize solution providers making profound advancements in eCommerce. With the ever-changing eCommerce environment, it's important for solution providers and merchants to continue working together to keep improving the industry," said Danielle Nagao, MRC Chief Executive Officer.

The annual MRC Emerging Technology Awards, also known as the METAwards, recognize leadership and initiative in eCommerce payments and fraud. Finalists were chosen by an anonymous panel of global merchants and winners were selected through a live poll vote at MRC Vegas 2015.