The Paypers Payments Methods Report


September 05, 2017

The Payment Methods Report 2017 presents the evolution of payment methods and how it has shaped the payments landscape today. It provides a complete and comprehensive mapping of payment instruments and methods together with a complete analyses of how people pay and with whom they choose to pay.

The rise of the e-wallet

The current edition of the report takes a deep dive into the ecosystem of e-wallets. The dedicated section incorporates research done by The Paypers in an exclusive infographic of e-wallets mapping the 53 most prominent e-wallets today on several functionalities.

The e-wallet's evolution is particularly interesting to follow. It has gained ground and momentum in recent years, with the Pays -- Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay -- rolling out globally and banks starting to compete by developing their own e-wallets in collaboration with merchants and fintechs.

In China and India, the e-wallet is already a dominant payment method, but signs of growth and development are also being seen in Europe and in the US. In Europe, PSD2 could have a decisive impact on the reach and proliferation of the e-wallet.

Industry insights into the emergence and development of the e-wallet

The report's thought leadership section brings together editorials from leading experts in the payments industry. Kim Sandström from Trustly elaborates on the state of online banking in Europe, and how the satisfaction and trust rates impact banks. Bo Christensen from MobilePay grants insight into how the bank-backed e-wallet was developed and what makes it thrive. Laurence Stock from Samsung Pay introduces readers to the mobile wallet, developed by Samsung, explaining how it works and what their plans are for the future. David Dechamps from Mastercard talks about the impact of technology on the cards industry. John Gessau from ACI Worldwide explains how focusing more on mobile use cases than on mobile payment schemes can unlock strong mobile payments.

Besides focusing on e-wallets, the report keeps a global focus going into particular payment methods from different regions. Hiroyuki Sato from DOCOMO shares his views on benefits for merchants from alternative payments, while Ralf Ohlhausen from PPRO explains the benefits of unlocking local payment methods. Rossini Zumwalt from Emergent Payments provides an introduction to the payment landscape of emerging markets, as well as their strategies in navigating those markets. Sebastián Kanovich from dLocal argues that integration with local payment methods is the key to reach merchants in Latin America. Two studies done by Kapronasia map the payment methods landscape in both China and India.

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