Payments & Cards Network eMag Issue 12


December 06, 2016

The Subscription Economy: The Business-Customer Relationship in the Digital Age

Following our last edition about recurring payments, we want to dig deeper into the exciting subscription based business world. In today's digital age, more and more businesses see their advantages in offering their services in subscription tiers. To thrive with this specific type of business model you have to face a number of different challenges. To get a new perspective on this topic, Scott Harkey, Payments Practice Lead @Levvel, provides expert advice on how to manage regional distinctions when offering subscription options from a merchant viewpoint. He also addresses how trends and developments in the payments landscape are shaping the business environment of subscription merchants.

Carrying on, Marcos Marins, CEO @PayU Brazil, shares his experience about the Brazilian eCommerce landscape and what he foresees for its future. Focusing on crucial challenges when operating in Latin America, he explains the importance of localized partners too.

Alan Walsh, Head of Marketing @Bud, presents the key advantages of the financial marketplace platform and app as well as the reason why they decided not to work with the subscription based model.

Emma Cloninger, Marketing Coordinator @MRC, reveals how active participation on social media accounts can actually protect users from identity theft and fraud.

In our start-up spotlight this month, we interviewed Samir Haj, CEO @InfinitePay, who tells us the story behind creating financial service offerings tailored to the specific characteristics of B2B eCommerce market in Germany and its neighboring countries.

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