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How to Stop Invoice Fraudsters from Poking Holes in Your Bottom Line

January 11, 2023

Modern digital scammers leverage social engineering on their victims, using scare tactics, panic, and exploiting laziness to steal and defraud. Invoice fraud is when bad actors getting a company to fulfill inauthentic invoices by masquerading as a legitimate business partner or contractor.

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Advanced Fraud Prevention Insights with Machine Learning Experts

December 07, 2022

You’ve likely heard of machine learning. As the advantages of utilizing the vast computational power of machines becomes more pronounced, machine learning is quickly becoming an indispensable tool in a fraud mitigation specialist’s toolbelt.

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Minimising fraud prevention friction without compromising security with IP address analysis

September 22, 2022

Since fraud is a major problem for people and businesses today, there are now many ways to counter it, from simple mindfulness while online to high-tech cybersecurity. The best methods, however, can be a hassle, especially for firms and their customers, as these processes require information, various tools, and time to complete their checks.

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What is a Trust Cloud? …and why do I need one?

September 19, 2022

According to Shopify’s The Future of Commerce Trend Report - 2022, trust has become the new currency of eCommerce. Trust is built in many ways, such as branding and community involvement, but what about online customer experiences (CX)?

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Policy abuse: how to stop fraudsters and dishonest customers from ruining your eCommerce experience

August 25, 2022

As eCommerce merchants continue to strive to offer their customers the best possible online experiences, it is essential to take a moment to realise just how important it is to get it right. It sounds relatively easy to keep customers happy, but numerous challenges and threats in the online domain can throw a spanner in the works and be detrimental to a company’s revenue growth.

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Prompt bombing – a new fraud strategy

July 28, 2022

Fraudsters will use every trick in the book to catch their victims, ranging from the technological to the psychological. In the case of the latter, a new twist on an established attack vector has been trending recently – prompt bombing.

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What are the top fraud & payment challenges for subscriptions?

July 07, 2022

If your business offers subscriptions, chances are you’re thriving. From food boxes to streaming services and digital news, many customers became avid subscribers amid the pandemic. Now, 75% of all consumer brands plan to offer a subscription by 2023. But fraud always follows success. How can you get fraudsters to unsubscribe?

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What Merchants Need to Know about the Visa Compelling Evidence 3.0 Update - A Solution Provider’s Perspective

June 30, 2022

Major card networks are always taking steps to improve their processes, and this includes modifying the rules on how they handle payment disputes from time to time. Visa recently announced that they will be making some big changes to their dispute process that will take effect in April 2023. Let’s look at these changes and discuss how they will affect merchants.

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What You Need to Know About Prompt Bombing: Circumventing 2FA Through Irritation

June 29, 2022

The importance of using Two Factor Authentication (2FA) as an additional security check when accessing an account or service is now well understood. Criminals and fraudsters attempting to compromise accounts know how effective it can be better than anyone.

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Partnering for Progress: Visa’s Historic First-Party Misuse/Friendly Fraud Announcement Webinar

June 28, 2022

The MRC has been working tirelessly with industry partners over the last few years, including card networks like Visa, to reduce the costly problem of first-party misuse, formerly known as friendly fraud. Visa’s recently announced updated dispute rules are a significant step in the right direction.

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