The Member Portal -- MRC's Self-Service Hub


December 02, 2016

Mike Splichal, US Program Manager - MRC

This fall the MRC launched a redesigned site to help members view key details about their company's MRC subscription, use self-service tools to conveniently update their information, and quickly access members-only resources and links. Designated users may also access additional features to administer other users, update company account details, and more.

The site, known as the MRC Member Portal, is designed to be a centralized hub for users to maximize the value of their company's MRC membership. Here is a brief tour of key features of the Member Portal:

Subscription tab -- Here members may view details about with their company's membership, such as how long their company has been a member and the expiration date of their company's membership.

MRC Member Portal Subscription page

All members may also access a full list of benefits specific to their company's membership, providing a great overview of the resources and opportunities available through the MRC.

MRC Core Membership Benefits

Users may also view the list of individuals on their company's account. Those with specific permissions may add new users to their company's membership, deactivate users, or reactivate users as needed. This provides subscription masters and administrators with self-service functionality when colleagues join or leave their department/organization or company. Email notifications are also sent automatically when users are added, deactivated, or reactivated. Finally, designated users may change the user role associated with other individuals, enabling companies to have multiple administrators if desired.

My Profile tab -- This page displays the contact details, address, and professional information the MRC has on file. All members may update these details as needed. Members may also modify their communication preferences or change their MRC account password at any time using this page.

MRC Member Portal My Profile page

Company Profile tab -- All members are able to view key details the MRC has on file for their company/organization, such as their company's description and primary contact. Those with specific permissions may update these details, plus modify their company's billing information as needed.

MRC Member Portal Company Profile page

In addition to these three main tabs, links are included for members-only resources, forms, directories, and discussion boards, both in the left-hand navigation menu and on the Member Portal home page. Note that a detailed Help/FAQs page is also available.

Thanks for reading this brief review of the MRC Member Portal. For information about MRC membership, please click here.