August 16, 2022

SpecTrust Announces New Name, New Platform Features, and New Funding

SpecTrust announced on August 16th that it will now be doing business as Spec. Founded in 2020, Spec built the first no-code platform to help enterprises fight fraud and abuse on their own websites and platforms. “Spec better aligns with our vision to unite teams on a single platform for delivering powerful, frictionless, and secure digital experiences. Trust architects with deep experience operating at web scale have built our Trust Cloud, but teams beyond fraud & security have found meaningful ways to use our platform,” says CEO and co-founder Nate Kharrl.

Spec also announced the extension of its Trust Cloud functionality with a highly-requested feature called Insights. This feature automatically highlights trends in site visitor behavior such as account takeover attempts, failed authentication challenges, repeat refund requests, abandoned checkouts, and other customer-specific concerns. Using Insights, Spec’s customers can easily isolate and investigate emergent attack patterns or reduce unnecessary friction for trusted users.

In addition, Spec disclosed additional funding to bring its total raised to-date to $8.8M, with Rally Ventures leading the round.

About Spec:
Spec is creating a smarter, safer internet powered by unified data, tools, and teams. We offer the first and only truly no-code solution that deploys invisibly in front of any website or API providing insights, automation, integration, and orchestration in minutes, not months. Our intelligent platform, the Trust Cloud, surrounds every online interaction to stop fraud and abuse while guiding good customers through great experiences. To learn more about how you can unlock instant trust with Spec, please contact us at