The Paypers Online Payments and Ecommerce Market Guide 2017


November 13, 2017

The eighth edition of The Paypers' Online Payments and Ecommerce Market Guide 2017 is a must-read for anyone trying to understand how the eCommerce and payments market is developing, whether you are a merchant, a PSP, or active in the market in any capacity.

Merchants today deal with two polar challenges: on the one hand, consumers are more demanding than ever regarding their payment experience. Consumers want to be able to pay across channels; anytime, anywhere, anyhow. On the other hand, regulations ask for increased security measures, which are a strain on a frictionless environment. Balancing security and convenience, along with trying to provide omni-channel payments, growing across markets, and dealing with new technologies are all discussed in the report.

PSPs are also affected by the shifts in the market; merchants' expectations are ever rising, while fees and prices for payment services are dropping. This has caused consolidation in the market, causing PSPs to adapt themselves to their new circumstances or disappear.

The topics addressed in the current edition are best practices in payments, ecommerce development through omni-channel, data-driven commerce and Internet of Things, how people pay and the customer journey, eCommerce across borders, marketplaces, and the link between regulations and innovation in digital transactions. The report includes editorials from our partners on these topics, as well as a mapping of the important players in the payment market and a research summary, based on extensive research, carried out by The Paypers.

The 2017 edition of Online Payments and Ecommerce Market Guide is a collaborative editorial project of The Paypers with great names in the global payments industry:

  • Global leading merchants sharing their best practices (Sixt, Travian Games, and Zalando)

  • Tech consultancies and market research companies (Aite, Innopay, Edgar Dunn, Emerging Payments Association, European Retail Payments Board, EY Innovalue, Gartner, and Juniper Research)

  • Law firms (time.lex)

  • Associations (Ecommerce Europe and the Merchant Risk Council)

  • Top processors and payment services providers (Acapture, Arvato, Adyen, Banking Circle, CyberSource, dLocal, Dimebox, DOCOMO Digital, Emergent Payments, First Data, HiPay, Hyperwallet, Ingenico, Limonetik, Mastercard Payment Gateway Services, ONPEX, Payment Asia, PAYONE, PPRO, Trustly, and Worldline)

  • Banks (UniCredit)
The current edition is endorsed by The Paypers' partners from the Merchant Risk Council, Ecommerce Europe, Emerging Payments Association, Ecommerce Foundation and Holland FinTech.