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Axerve at the IRX @ DTX+UCX Event in London: A Conversation with Spotify on Payment Orchestration

October 26, 2022

Axerve, Payment Partner to Grow and a specialist in creating accessible and frictionless payment solutions for Ecommerce and physical sales, will be participating as a gold sponsor at the IRX @DTX+UCX event.

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Axerve publishes white paper on Payment Orchestration’s role in unlocking cost-effective Ecommerce

September 23, 2022

Axerve publishes white paper on Payment Orchestration’s role in unlocking cost-effective Ecommerce and unveils data showing boosts to payment authorisation rates for merchants.

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Minimising fraud prevention friction without compromising security with IP address analysis

September 22, 2022

Since fraud is a major problem for people and businesses today, there are now many ways to counter it, from simple mindfulness while online to high-tech cybersecurity. The best methods, however, can be a hassle, especially for firms and their customers, as these processes require information, various tools, and time to complete their checks.

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What is a Trust Cloud? …and why do I need one?

September 19, 2022

According to Shopify’s The Future of Commerce Trend Report - 2022, trust has become the new currency of eCommerce. Trust is built in many ways, such as branding and community involvement, but what about online customer experiences (CX)?

Read more » launches Integrated Platforms to meet surge in global marketplace growth

September 08, 2022, the cloud-based payments service provider, today announces the launch of Integrated Platforms, a fully flexible, bespoke solution to support marketplaces and sellers in an evolving digital economy.

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Spreedly and PPRO Partner to Offer Access to Extensive Local Payment Methods Portfolio

September 01, 2022

Spreedly announced today the availability of a diverse portfolio of APM / LPMs through a partnership with PPRO.

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Policy abuse: how to stop fraudsters and dishonest customers from ruining your eCommerce experience

August 25, 2022

As eCommerce merchants continue to strive to offer their customers the best possible online experiences, it is essential to take a moment to realise just how important it is to get it right. It sounds relatively easy to keep customers happy, but numerous challenges and threats in the online domain can throw a spanner in the works and be detrimental to a company’s revenue growth.

Read more » announces major Authentication enhancements to deliver payment performance amidst evolving SCA requirements

August 17, 2022, the cloud-based payments service provider, today announced updates to its Authentication product to help merchants combat fraud and optimize their revenues, with an evolving toolkit of products and features to help merchants navigate the rapidly evolving landscape.

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SpecTrust Announces New Name, New Platform Features, and New Funding

August 16, 2022

SpecTrust announced on August 16th that it will now be doing business as Spec. Founded in 2020, Spec built the first no-code platform to help enterprises fight fraud and abuse on their own websites and platforms.

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APEXX Global partners with Ryanair to transform payments ahead of post-COVID travel boom

August 09, 2022

APEXX Global, (“APEXX”), the multi-award-winning Payment Orchestration Platform, has partnered with Ryanair to transform the low-cost carrier’s legacy payments infrastructure as Europe continues to reopen borders and international travel returns to pre-Covid levels. APEXX’s pan-European payments solution will boost Ryanair’s conversion rates and lower local and cross-border transaction costs, helping Ryanair continue to deliver its market leading low-cost delivery.

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