Advocacy, Policy & Compliance Community Group

While the payments industry is one of the most regulated globally, the MRC continues to work with merchants, card issuers and payment service providers in an effort to bring the Merchant Voice to policy makers, standards bodies, financial regulators and payment rule makers around the world. We have increasingly succeeded, through collaboration, to have the MRC recognised as the authority on all things retail payments and those who make changes that impact our merchant community are listening.

The purpose of this group is to facilitate discussion on matters such as card scheme rule changes that impact merchants, payments regulations coming down the line and what they mean for all payments stakeholders, standards and policies from bodies like PCI SSC and EMVCo, etc. and all other rules, regulations, standards and policies that affect your business. We aim to help clarify changes. The group will be used to share intelligence and to discuss challenges and issues as well as solutions. It will also be used for the purpose of gathering your views as we bring the collective Merchant Voice to the various authorities. Raise questions, hear from the experts, be part of the MRC mission to effect change for the better in the Payments Industry and to bring the merchant and consumer to the forefront on these global discussions in advance of associated implementations.

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