Staff Members

Get to know the dedicated faces behind the daily operations of MRC initiatives

Image of Julie Fergerson

Julie Fergerson
Chief Executive Officer

Image of Leah Baldwin

Leah Baldwin
Membership Manager, Americas West

Image of Donna Ball

Donna Ball
Senior Marketing Manager

Image of Susan Brown

Susan Brown
Region Manager, APAC

Image of Tracy Brown

Tracy Brown
VP, Programs & Technology

Image of Bonnie Buck

Bonnie Buck
Speaker Coordinator

Image of Kristi Casey

Kristi Casey
Senior Events Planner

Image of Sydney Caudill

Sydney Caudill
Financial Accountant

Image of Lizzie Clitheroe

Lizzie Clitheroe
VP, Conference Programming

Image of Rhianna Collier

Rhianna Collier
VP, Membership & Events

Image of Trisha DeLozier

Trisha DeLozier
Senior Events Manager

Image of Michelle Dent

Michelle Dent
Marketing Assistant

Image of Michael DeSantis

Michael DeSantis
Principal Project Manager

Image of Úna Dillon

Úna Dillon
VP, Global Expansion & Member Advocacy

Image of Kathryn Irwin

Kathryn Irwin
Speaker Coordinator

Image of Dafyd Jones

Dafyd Jones
Technology & Innovation Manager

Image of Julie Lynch

Julie Lynch
Director of Finance and Administration

Image of Alycia McMahon

Alycia McMahon
Event Manager

Image of Faith Minton

Faith Minton
Human Resources & Accounting Administrator

Image of Evelyn O'Mahony

Evelyn O'Mahony
Membership Manager, Europe

Image of Lea Prosenica

Lea Prosenica
Director of Marketing

Image of Darion Ramkissoon

Darion Ramkissoon
Junior Graphic Designer

Image of Kelly Rivera

Kelly Rivera
Graphic Designer

Image of April Rodgers

April Rodgers
Executive Administrative Assistant

Image of Darlene Romero

Darlene Romero
Program Manager, Community

Image of Ryan Slattery

Ryan Slattery
IT Solutions Engineer

Image of Karen Snyder

Karen Snyder
Senior Program Manager, Certifications

Image of Meirilande Streetz

Meirilande Streetz
Membership Manager, Americas East

Image of Laura Strzeletz

Laura Strzeletz
Digital Marketing Strategist

Image of Romeo Talento

Romeo Talento
Web Manager

Image of Susan Brown

Michele Verçosa
Region Manager, LATAM

Image of Emily Wilder

Emily Wilder
Program Manager, Education

Image of Kez Williams

Kez Williams
Senior Event Planner

MRC APAC Co-Leader

Image of Monica Jasuja

Monica Jasuja
APAC Co-Leader
GoTo Financial

Head of Money Management

Image of Vishal Singhvi

Vishal Singhvi
APAC Co-Leader
Microsoft Commerce

Director, Services Business Operations -- Asia

MRC LATAM Co-Leaders

Image of Thais Fischberg

Thais Fischberg
LATAM Co-Leader

VP Products

Image of Jean Christian Mies

Jean Christian Mies
LATAM Co-Leader

General Manager Americas
and Member of the Executive Team